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Wikipedia is highly regarded by individuals and search engines for its availability, accuracy, and breadth. Take your branding to the next level by having your company included in Wikipedia or increase your site’s traffic by gaining a backlink from Wikipedia. Since 2013, Lush Links has been providing Wikipedia consultation that's on time, professional, and at a fair price. Scroll down to find out more about our offerings.

Brand Identity

Get recognized as a leading brand by being included in the Internet's top encyclopaedia.


Defend your brand's reputation by hiring an expert to represent your brand on Wikipedia.

Awesome Support

Usually in less than 24 hours! We're experts in SEO so we know how what you're talking about to help you with your link building campaign.

Professional Wikipedians

We're college educated, seasoned Wikipedians who are native English speakers. Freelancers are usually not.

Fair Price

We won't nickle-and-dime you nor will we provide cheap work.

Our Guarantee

Your link or page will be up for a year or your money back.

About us

Since 2013, Lush Links has been providing SEOs, Webmasters, and Startups with awesome links and pages on Wikipedia. We've distinguished ourself from freelance Wikipedians by providing reliable service, amazing support, and quality work. We've gained countless clients for life by fixing subpar work done by less-than-qualified Wikipedia consultants. We have worked with Fortune 500 brands, Silicon Valley startups, and even the smallest niche sites. We have the experience to help you succeed!

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The Team

Our secret sauce comes from who we are.

Dr. Jon Das, MD


With over 8,000 edits on Wikipedia, Dr. Das is an expert on medicine, biology, and nutrition. He personally handles health related orders. His passion is ensuring accurate, reliable access to medical information which makes him one of the top medical contributors on Wikipedia.

Constantine La, BS, BA


Constantine is an SEO, IM, and Marketing expert who has a business degree from a top 10 business school. He handles link placement, page creation, and marketing. He's a seasoned anti-spam editor on Wikipedia and knows how to represent clients on Articles for Deletion.

Malcolm Vernom


Malcolm was a Technical Seargent in the US Air Force and oversees orders, answer emails, and guarantees that clients are satisfied. He loves to make people's day and would love to hear from you!


Loyal Clients


Links Placed


days delivery


Fast Support


All of our products are guaranteed for 1 year, or your money back, and delivered within 10 days, except for Wikipedia pages.

Wikipedia Link

  • DA 100
  • CF 96/TF 100
  • 1 Year Guarantee
  • 10 day TAT
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Wikipedia Page

  • Free Representation on AfD
  • Not possible for all clients, email for more info.
  • 1 Year Guarantee
  • 20 day TAT
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Are there bulk discounts?

No. There are no bulk discounts. Each order is a custom order.

How do I qualify for a Wikipedia Page?

You'll need 10-12 news mentions. This is in accordiance with Wikipedia's General Notability Guideline. We can not offer you a guarantee if you do not meet this requirement. We will help you find news mentions during our initial consultation.

Do you work with pharmautical, payday loans, and adult sites?

Yes and we have.